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Business Strategy

Elevate Your Brand Strategy With 44i Marketing + Digital

44i helps businesses generate more revenue by dramatically improving and increasing their visibility, ensuring they have the right marketing messages and killer creative to increase their sales, elevate their brand, and own their market.

The most overlooked aspect of marketing and advertising is a solid strategy. It's not just about what needs to happen next week to drive sales, or next month to get more people in the door.

It's not about whether you should make your logo bigger in your next ad, or if you should buy the 'deal of the day' when your radio rep calls.

Solid strategic direction is the foundation for all aspects of your brand, position, marketing, advertising, budget allocation, media, web presence, and the list goes on.

It guides the route you take to achieve your company's goals and determines the creative message you communicate to the masses.

44i Services
  • Research

  • Strategic Planning

  • ROI Studies

  • Competitive Analysis

  • CSA Analysis

  • Budget Allocation

  • Reporting

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